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About the Artist

Born in the vibrant architectural capital of Tbilisi, Georgia, Janna Arutyunyan inherited a passion for art and expressed herself through creative outlets such as painting, caricature, poetry, writing for her school paper, and fashion design at the Tbilisi Fashion Academy. This fueled her entrepreneurial spirit in starting her business as a fashion designer in Georgia in the 80’s. In 1991, Janna immigrated to the US in pursuit of the “America Dream” continuing her studies in Management as a single parent of 3 young children. Although, Janna calls Los Angeles her new home, with her passion for travel and adventure, Janna developed a greater appreciation for cultural enrichment.


In 2018, a dear friend invited Janna to an art showcase featuring acrylic fluid paintings and at 55 years young, a new passion for mixed media emerged. Janna immediately began researching and educating herself in this field and soon after, took steps to develop her own style of three-dimensional floral paintings and birthed what is now “Janna Passion Art.” Janna has challenged herself in mastering new techniques such as “blooming effect” and has pursued studies under the tutelage of Australian artist Shelee Carruthurs. She has applied an eco-friendly twist to painting by using biodegradable resin/epoxy, because bio-based epoxies are not just food safe, but they are eco-friendly! Applying her newfound knowledge, Janna finds innovative methods to paint without brushes, including the utilization of household items such as craft sticks, pins, toothpicks, straws, yarn, water bottles and paper towels. This lowers impact on the environment without compromising performance. Best known for her “Iris Garden” series which was highlighted in her solo exhibit, Janna is dedicated to transforming her serendipitous art therapy hobby into a lifelong passion.


Within two years, Janna’s artwork has been accepted into several festivals including the Catalina Festival of Art, Calabasas Fine Arts Festival, and Laguna Art-A-Fair. Janna continues participating in Art Walks throughout Southern California. Recently her work was featured at the Mar Vista Music & Art Walk, exhibited at the Stay Gallery in Downy, and currently on display at the Catalina Art Gallery in Avalon, CA. In Addition to her fervor for art, Janna also believes in giving back to the community and has donated artwork to multiple silent auctions with proceeds going to the LACPH Student Scholarship and the Catalina Art Association, a non-profit organization raising art scholarship funds for children.


Welcome to the world of Janna Passion Art!

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